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Electronic Labels at PAK'nSAVE Silverdale

Innovative Labelling Solution

Electronic Label Installation at PAK'nSAVE Silverdale

NZESL would like to congratulate the team at Pak’n Save Silverdale and Vinod Bhaga for being the first store in Foodstuffs North Island Group to install the latest generation 4 colour ESL’s.  Not only do these labels deliver a new standard in E-ink screen technology they also have the longest battery life and warranty in the industry.

With some supermarkets in the Foodstuffs North Island Group still using 16 year old labels every day no other supplier can even come close in demonstrating what a successful long term investment Pricer ESL’s are.  Only the tough survive in the most demanding supermarket environment with NZESL constantly developing new solutions to make our ESL’s last the test of time. Watch this space as more 4 colour installs are coming soon.

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