Swap your food waste for profit

Our newest partnership is with Whywaste. A sophisticated but easy to use tool for expiration date management. Already installed by numerous retailers globally it has effectively decreased their food waste and the associated revenue loss.

Further, a solid integration with Pricer’s Instant Flash drastically reduces the time spent on date-checking.

NZESL works with a number of local and international suppliers to manufacture and develop all the other accessories used with our electronic labels, many of these are bespoked to meet unique customer requirements.

Reduce food waste at your store

through data driven solutions

5 reasons to digitise your date check routine

Are you wondering whether a digital date checking solution is something for your store? Maybe you use a manual list today? A digital solution does the same job – only quicker, smarter and more reliably. In our years of helping stores, we have seen a lot of different ways stores manage their date checking. Calendars, colour coding-systems along the shelves, excel files, you name it and we’ve probably seen it. All of these ways of managing this have now been digitised.

More motivating and less time consuming

With digital date checking you are given a set list of the products that need a date check. That means that you only have to check the products that are at risk of becoming waste, the products which do not appear on the list don’t need to be checked. Store personnel using digital date checking say it makes the task less boring and time consuming. And also more motivating.

Take action earlier

You get a chance to take action earlier. No more last minute discounts and no more food that goes into the bin without first going through a proper chain of precautionary actions. By taking this preventative action, the personnel can feel good about themself that they did everything they could. It also is proven to reduce food waste.

Focus on more valuable tasks

You will save hours when it comes to date checking. This means that your personnel can focus on other more valuable work tasks. Such as keeping customers happy or the shelves looking lovely.

Never miss expired products

A mis sized food store has approximately 2500 items in the cold cuts, cheese and dairy departments. It’s hard to imagine a few people keeping track of all those expiration dates without a proper system. With a digital solution you’ll reduce the risk of missed items due to human factors. It is also easy to onboard new personnel in your routines.

Reduce food waste

Increased control of date checking in store will reduce your food waste. It will also bring other good things to those who use it. It’ll make your store more profitable.

Whywaste has researched the best practices in thousands of stores around the world and combined them into two easy-to-use applications.

From the single convenience store to the international chain of hypermarkets, Whywaste have a track record of saving valuable time and reducing food waste.

Modern date checking

The smartest way to keep track of expiration dates in grocery stores. Get a short list of products at risk of expiring – no more weekly checks of all the products in the store.