The newest New World to be built in the South Island is Preston’s. The grocery racking used is the German designed ‘Wanzl’ racking which is a new concept for Foodstuffs South Island as well NZESL. The new ESL rail is a two piece adapter and track which clips on the front of the shelf. Its quick and easy to install and is very versatile when fitted. The NZESL team tracked the whole store in under five hours.

New World Preston’s Produce section boasts the ‘Vertical Wall’which is becoming popular in the South Island stores because it is fitted with a fine mister which keeps the produce longer and also reduces the use of plastic packaging. We could only use plastics parts to case and fix the ESL to the vertical wall as the misters would cause rusting.

New World Preston’s Road also have ‘Flash’ enabled on their labels. On a Monday Morning the labels LED green light flashes to inform the staff what is coming off promotion followed by the label flashing Green aiding in placement of promotional material for the upcoming week.