HD S Flash 2Pricer has developed a complete system solution to support effective promotion encompassing geolocation and SmartFlash capabilities to support store tasks, such as placing and removing promotion tags or using the flash to guide and support staff operational tasks.

Delisting products, negative stocks, new arrivals, shelf implementation, shelf-talker management… associates use the Pricer PDA (or smartphone) application or a tier application to carry out operational tasks. They receive the list of tasks to carry out and they are guided in the store to each electronic shelf label (ESL) for which a task is requested. The concerned ESL will flash when it is approached. The system combines Indoor GPS, the geolocation of products with the IR communication network and the SmartFLASH.

The increased interest in home delivery and store pick-up, has indicated to many innovative retailers the need for a quick and responsive Click & Collect application. Pricer’s unique ability to geolocate the associate and the product, in real time, combined with new SmartFLASH technology is clearly revolutionizing in-store picking activities.

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