Third generation owner Gary Watson and wife Lisa installed E-paper labels into their Richmond store in September/October last year. They are the first in the WDL group to opt for E-Paper labels and they are the first service supermarket in New Zealand.

Richmond uses a combination of the three different sized E-paper labels.


  •  Displayed on their aisle ends for promotional products changed weekly.
  •  A different format was used in their bakery department as the product are all baked on site. The label needs to only display product, price and the last four digits of barcode


  •  The majority of the store is medium labels; the store requested they display the full barcode for ease of re-ordering for the Grocery department.


  •  The first store in the world to have this size label installed. So much so NZ ESL went ahead with the install using large labels for two products and splitting the screen while we waited for Pricer in Sweden to dispatch Richmond’s petite labels.

A great sized label for products with smaller facings. Used predominately here in health and beauty, herbs and spices as well as Fresh Choice Richmond’s extensive craft beer collection.

The regular prices are shown on the white background while the discounted prices are displayed with an inverted (dark) background as well as displaying the regular price and savings. Gary is also using a tracking background strip to highlight his vast range of Gluten Free products, the sale items on the aisle ends as well as any products produced locally.

Pricers latest technology includes a smart phone app which all linking and un-linking can be done using your smartphone if you have downloaded the free app from the provider.