Covid-19 and NZESL

Like many businesses in New Zealand and around the world, NZESL was faced with tough decisions on what to do during lockdown, how we could continue to support our customers to a high standard, and at the same time support our own staff. The majority of NZESL’s customers are Supermarkets, and being essential businesses and extremely busy during lockdown it was crucial for NZESL to put a support model in place that allowed our customers to trade uninterrupted with the ability to change prices as needed and also still have a promotional offering on the shelf. Some of the non-ESL retailers in NZ could not offer this same model.

To do this the NZESL support and IT team moved their help desks to their home desks and with high-speed connections to our support office we were able to continue to give all of our customers the great level of service that they are used too.  At the same time as this almost business as usual model was happening for our support team, our on-site and warehouse teams were nothing like normal.  Luckily, we had a long list of enhancements that we wanted to make to the business that would enhance some customer experiences but also help us to further develop our business processes.  
The largest job and the one that kept all our staff employed was rolling out a new online shop.  We are all very pleased with how this has worked and through many hours of Zoom calls NZESL now has an online shop that is complete with photos of all products and can be individually refined to each customer so they can only see what will work for them at their own special price.