Last year the NZESL team completed two installs back to back in the Wairarapa which concludes Foodstuffs Lower North Islands label upgrade programme. These Pricer Electronic Labels were first installed in New Zealand during 2004/2005 and have been working daily on the same batteries ever since.


Steve Duffield enlisted the help of the Carterton Rotary Club to upgrade his store from a combination of Promoline labels (14 yrs old) and Continuum labels (10 yrs old). His store now operates on the latest technology of RED HD E Paper labels.  Some of the continuum labels still remain in the shop and are now working happily in one system alongside the latest labels.


New World Carterton is one of the first stores to install our new custom-made clip-on tracking. NZESL has worked closely with suppliers to develop and make a range of new tracking that will eliminate screws, rivets and double sided tape from shelf edges.