Andrew and Wendy’s brand new Four Square located in the Beautiful Russell was the last of NZESL’s 48 installs in 2019. Andrew and Wendy were hands on throughout the installation process, we thought it would be nice to get their perspective on how the installation process was for them. This is what they had to say:

How did we find the install of the ESL’s

The ESL team were so helpful and quick.  The team came in and data stripped the whole store.  They then went around and attached all the ESLs and linked the tickets to the products. We had no work to do in that part of the build which was amazing at the time and took that worry away.

How has ESLs changed our weekly workload of changing prices.

If it’s not too cliché I would say it has been life changing J – no longer do we have to sit down on a Friday select the promo tickets for our store and send them to the printer – wait for them to print out to make sure they stay in aisle and shelf order.  Come in at least an hour earlier on a Monday to put the promo tickets up – then spend all week picking them up off the floor and putting them back in the correct place.  ESLs simply update on a Monday morning without any input from us.

Putting articles on promotion is instant – the new price flows down to the ticket within 5 minutes – I use it a lot to clear stock coming up to date.  Simply change the price and set the date to change back to normal price on the date the product should come off shelf.  No chasing around printing tickets and making sure they come down on the correct date.  The team also really loves using the ESLs – it’s easy moving stock around by linking and unlinking ESLs.  We make use of the ‘out of stock option’ often so customers are aware that we are really not hiding what they want out the back in the store room!


Would I recommend ESLs in place of paper tickets.

Absolutely!!  So easy to use and time efficient.  Price integrity is a breeze as long as staff are conscientious about linking and unlinking tickets when they move the ESL or products around the store.  A few customers have said it’s hard to see the specials but I think it’s a matter of retraining customers what to look for – the ESLs go red if on special and the frozen ESLs go black.  Would I go back to paper tickets?? Hell No!!